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Inflatables are our passion. We're a family-owned and operated business, and we're dedicated to making what are, simply put, the best inflatables you can buy. We only use premium materials in our construction, and we never cut corners to save a buck.  This means that while our inflatables may cost a little more, they feature amazing designs and workmanship that can help your business be more than "just another" bounce house business.

We love designing really cool inflatables. Over the years, we've built our reputation on making inflatables that feature amazing designs and push the limits of what's possible.

he quality of inflatables really comes down to two things: workmanship and the quality of the vinyl. What good is great workmanship with cut-rate materials? That's why we only use true commercial 18oz vinyl that features a special anti-tear weft substrate. Many manufacturers claim to be "commercial-grade" while using cheaper woven materials, or even lighter weight 15oz materials to keep costs down.

In addition to premium materials, we use industry best practices during the manufacturing process. That includes double-stitching every seam on the inflatable and reinforcing mattress seams (for a total of 6 rows of stitching), as well as utilizing replaceable wear covers on high-traffic areas.

The end users of most inflatables are children. That's why safety is so important. Plus, mitigating your liability risk is just good business. All of our inflatables use lead-safe and flame-retardant materials, as well as critical safety features like FingerSafe™ mesh netting and sun shades that help keep kids safely inside the inflatable. 

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